Message from The Group Managing Director

Asia Cargo Network and its group of companies is proud to announce its half decade of involvement in the air cargo business. Our experience in the air cargo trade goes back to the 60s with 2 generations of family business inheritance. We have a strong rooting in the South East Asian archipelago especially in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our Malaysia offices are positioned at a few locations including an office in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport “KLIA”, and also at the Senai Airport in Johore Bahru, the Southern state of Malaysia. In Singapore, we are located at both the Singapore airports, Changi and Seletar, and an office in the de rigueur Winsland House in Orchard Road. While in Indonesia, our head office is located at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta. In addition, the operational branches for our Indonesian business are situated in Balikpapan, Batam, Makassar, Menado and Medan, and also in the Papua province of Indonesia in the states of Djayapura and Timika.


For those who have not heard of us, our job is to deliver air cargoes to different parts of the South East Asian sectors utilizing our own cargo aircraft. Our aircraft are all in the freighter configurations and operated under our own cargo airlines i.e. World Cargo Airlines (formerly known as Pos ACE Sdn Bhd) in Malaysia, and Tri MG Intra Asia Airlines in Indonesia respectively. Our customers range from “Pos Malaysia Berhad”, the Malaysian National Postal Company, “CKB” from the Truckindo and Caterpillar group Indonesia, the biggest courier and parcel delivery company in Indonesia “PT JNE”, “DHL Express” Singapore and Indonesia, “PT Bulog” Indonesia, “Freeport” Indonesia, and many other MNCs, manufacturers, e-commerce service providers, marine food suppliers and general cargo shippers who require freighter aircraft delivery services in this region.

Our aircrafts are mainly the B737 classic freighters suitable for regional 3-4 hours of flight range. Freighter aircraft are scarce and made only as and when required through passenger aircraft conversion programs. Nowadays, we see the Boeing narrow body classics running out of time while its replacement, the New Generations B737-800 fleet starts taking position in the market.

It is an interesting time to look at the air cargo market that have seen a consistent rise over the last few decades. The development of the internets and mobile communication system that led to the emergence of the e-commerce industry has transformed our lifestyle and the modus operandi of our businesses. It is a new era where product orders are made extremely easy. Hence, inevitably we see an increase in food items, parcels and cargo delivery requirement. The orders made via the e-commerce online systems also demand speed in distant and cross border delivery.

In another scene, the human race is now challenged by the catastrophic pandemic of Covid19 that plagued our lives in 2020 and forced us into the new normal. It caused a major shift in the global business processes and systems. Stunningly, we saw an enormous surge in the air cargo traffic due to this pandemic the last one year. At the same time, the industrial experts are also forecasting a consistent and high air cargo traffic for the next 5 years.


I am much aware of these global transformations and developments. Market relevance and the continuity of our legacy is a compulsory subject rather than an option for me. I am hereby pleased to inform that our group have embarked on orders for the B737-800BCF NG fleet which have already arrived. The additional payload, space, and the extended range that this aircraft provide will give our customers the edge they require to enhance their product sales and will satisfy more of the market demands.  We are therefore prepared to serve our customers better with the induction of our new fleet of the B737-800F aircraft.

Asia Cargo Network is always ready to adapt to the changes that is taking place globally under the current pandemic situation and we will only get stronger to face the challenges that lies ahead.

You can certainly TRUST us as your partner to deliver your products safely and economically in speed and style.

Thank You.

Group Managing Director

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